Members in the Monticello AVA Please Take This Survey

The Jeffersonian Wine Grape Growers Society is currently working on a project designed to better understand all of the components that make up the Monticello AVA.

We hope you’ll be able to participate by completing the following survey. 
the main goal of this survey is to know how many acres and what varietals are being grown in the AVA, but we’ve also added more question to understand what is doing well in the AVA.
All questions are optional, but the more information you’re able to supply, the more it will help us in building a clearer picture of the AVA.

Answers will remain private and information that could identify information as coming from a specific vineyard or winery will not be made public. Raw survey data will not be used by or shared with any organization other than the Jeffersonian Wine Grape Growers Society.

The information gathered will be compiled and analyzed to represent the AVA as a whole. The final report of analyzed information will be shared with participants prior to it being made public.

if you have any question or concern please send an email to or 

Thank you for your participation.

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