Since the early 1980’s, the VVA has grown along with Virginia’s burgeoning wine industry, playing an important role in disseminating information, providing a venue for networking, advocating for numerous industry specific issues at both local and state levels, and supporting research dedicated to improving viticultural practices in the Commonwealth.

A vital resource for both commercial wine growers and hobbyists alike, the VVA is proud to support over 350 members!

Join today and receive the following VVA membership benefits:

  • Education: Receive invitations and discounted rates for the VVA winter technical meeting, summer meeting and social (held onsite at a working vineyard or farm), and other workshops and events, such as Eastern Winery Expo.
  • A legislative voice: The VVA works to promote industry issues at the state, local and federal level, both on our own and through collaborative efforts with the Virginia Wine Council and the Virginia Wineries Association.
  • An Online Marketplace: Buy, sale, trade, recruit and more through the VVA Exchange.
  • Exchange views online with other VVA members: The VVA’s member-only forum is home to robust discussions of issues and problems relevant to Virginia growers and producers with other members online.
  • Receive FREE weather forecasts: Specifically designed for the VVA by, these forecasts will give you a longer-range view.
  • Community: Stay in touch with friends and trends in Virginia viticulture through Grape Press, the VVA’s quarterly newsletter, email blasts on current issues, and the VVA website. And don’t forget to check out and ‘like’ our Facebook page.
  • Stay connected: Want to touch base with growers in your area? Or growers producing a particular grape variety? Check out our member directory.
  • Information when you need it: Important industry announcements and notices emailed directly to you when they matter most.
  • Tools you can use: Access to the interactive Virginia Sustainable Winegrowers Self-Assessment Guide, giving you the power to track and make smart decisions for your vineyard.

Through education, communications, networking and advocacy – the VVA helps you to do what you do best – grow high-quality wine grapes!

  • 2016 Membersip Registration/Renewal Form [pdf] Please print and mail in along with your check. Coming soon — online registration and renewal.
  • VWA Benefit Package [pdf]
    The Virginia Vineyards Association is working with the Virginia Wineries Association to give growers the best value possible!
  • Vine to Wine Co-op The VVA is also working with the Co-op. The goal, of which, is to aggregate and leverage the purchasing power of its members, therefore lowering costs of production and increasing the power of each member in the marketplace. The Vine to Wine Co-op seeks to create a pathway to success for Virginia vineyards and wineries by taking control of stressful, time-consuming processes like equipment purchases and distribution. Check out their quarterly buying schedule.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding membership in the VVA.